This dentist office is amazing!!! Each time I go I love how friendly and helpful they are. Twice I've called needing to see them and they've gotten me in that day or the next. Great service.


Mauri Snoke Ordway

Dental Implants & Implant Restoration

Suffering from missing or decaying teeth often causes discomfort, pain and decreases your confidence. Our up-to-date standards and investments in current dental technology gives you a chance to replace a missing tooth with ease and with a better result than ever before. With in-house 3D printers, we can print out a surgical guide to eliminate the guesswork of implants and complete the treatment with absolute precision.

Dental implants are fake teeth attached to metal posts that are surgically placed in your gums just like the natural root of a real tooth. The attached tooth looks and feels like a natural grown tooth that enhances both function and aesthetic of your smile. 

Dental implants can be used for; replacing single or multiple missing teeth, replacing loose crowns or attaching dentures. The technology backing a dental implant gives each implant the strength, stability and resilience a natural tooth would do. 

During your dental implant consultation, we will assess the health of your gums and jawbones to determine your eligibility for dental implants. Gum or bone grafts can be completed before the implant is placed to strengthen any potential problem areas before an implant is placed. 

RiverWest Dental is able to help restore or repair old implants. Dental implants are not recommended for those who are currently pregnant, use tobacco products or are being treated for other oral issues such as periodontal disease. Please call for additional questions or schedule a dental implant consultation.


Missing One Tooth?

One missing tooth is enough to have a single implant placed. This single implant can be treated just like a normal tooth with regular brushing and flossing. Even a single implant will look virtually identical to the real teeth around it.

Missing Multiple Teeth?

If you are needing a row of teeth replaced, we can anchor multiple dental implants to a bridge in the mouth. An implant-retained bridge is stronger and more secure than a traditional bridge. This treat option matches your natural teeth for a completely seamless smile. 


Missing All Your Teeth?

You know how dentures are always portrayed as the weird pink fake mouth being stored in water or falling into a cake when grandma blows the candles? That type of denture is a traditional denture. They are often ill-fitting, painfull, affect speech and eating capabilities and – as we all know – they can fall out!

Choosing to have dental implants can secure dentures for a life changing effect. You’ll be able to eat and talk just as naturally before dentures. The implants make dentures stable. You can smile with a set of dentures secured with implants with renewed confidence in yourself and in your smile.