No Cost Consultations

Do you think you need a tooth, or multiple teeth, removed but still have questions? Will it hurt? When should I have it done? Do you need an oral surgeon? We provide answers to all these questions and any others you may have at absolutely no charge or obligation to you. Get started by booking an appointment. 


We're Making Life Changing Smiles

A Whole Health Smile is a smile that leaves a favorable impression on everyone. Healthy and cavity free. A smile that only requires routine preventive care. Achieved through education and individualized care. With out a Whole Health Smile you may feel a perpetual worry about the condition of your oral health. First impressions may not be as ideal. Confidence can go down. Infections of the mouth or body can occur more often and the cost of treatment goes up. We serve every patient with individualized, educated and anxiety free treatment so they can achieve a Whole Health smile.

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Currently Not Accepting Patients With Medicaid As The Primary Insurer

$99 New Patient Cleaning, Exam and X-Ray Special

$99 RiverWest New Patient special

Sometimes you just need to know where you’re at. Maybe a pain is prompting you to come in or a special occasion is asking for more than a regular brushing. New Patients can try us out with our $99 New Patient Comprehensive Exam promotion!

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$50 Amazon E-Gift Card

New Patient %50 Amazon gift card

Full Appointment

For any new patient that receives a comprehensive exam with the following services

  • Comprehensive exam
  • Cleaning
  • Bitewing x-rays
  • Panoramic x-ray

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All promotions are available to current insurance holders or those without insurance.

E-Gift Cards are emailed to a New Patient after the first Dental Cleaning appointment has been paid in full.