Your BEST self requires your best WHOLE HEALTH SMILE!

Exceptional dental care for EVERYONE! We accept many insurances, offer discount membership and sedation options! Consultations are FREE!

Are you looking for a new Dentist?

Riverwest Dental will give you the Whole Health Smile you’ve always deserved. A smile that boosts your self image, strengthens your immune systems and helps you feel incredible. Your treatment and payment options are individualized for your situation. You will be listened to and we will work together to only require routine low-cost care for your Whole Health Smile.

Currently Not Accepting Patients With Medicaid As The Primary Insurer

Enjoy Individualized, Educated & Anxiety Free Dental Care

Routine Examination and Cleanings

Routine cleanings prevent tooth degradation, bad breath, disease and give you boost in confidence.

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Clear Braces

Our in-house Smile Design clear braces will correct the position of your teeth discreetly and cheaper than other clear braces brands.

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Sedation Dentistry

The various methods we offer will guarantee a comfortable and relaxed feeling through every treatment.

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Teeth Whitening

Remove years of stain and color from your teeth in a single treatment!

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You DON'T need insurance to get the care you need.

Our HEALTHY SMILES membership options cost less than your phone bill!

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All Kids Are Invited

Good brushing at a young age saves kids and parents from a whole lot of pain! Cavities are prevented, tooth aches from inflammation don't occur and the cost of routine dental care goes down. Get started today by printing out the chart below and helping your little ones fill in the squares to receive a prize!


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