Had the most amazing experience. Dentist was very helpful explained everything to me. Dental hygienist was wonderful and very kind. Absolutely recommend them to any and all my family and friends.


James Ford

Teeth Whitening


The color of your teeth can affect the confidence you have about your smile. Although it is not permanent, whitening or bleaching is a simple dental treatment used to improve the color of your teeth.

White For Life Program

RiverWest Dental offers patients a program called White for Life. This program gives you custom fit whitening trays and solution at no cost to you as long as you are attending your regular 6 month cleaning appointments.

Riverwest Dental whitening before and after

How do I sign up?

A free consultation will be offered to you after your cleaning appointment. Using advance CAD/CAM technology,  we’ll make a virtual impression of your mouth and fabricate custom bleaching trays to fit your exact mouth structure. After the two week fabrication of your tray, we’ll demonstrate to you the easy in-home processes for whitening. You will given whitening solution which is contained within your custom trays and we will provide you with additional tubes after each cleaning.

Advantages of White for Life

  • White for Life whitening is professional quality and strength.
  • We tailor the solution strength for your needs.
  • Custom made trays fit your teeth better than whitening strips.
  • Custom made trays ensure the solution reaches your teeth evenly.
  • You get to choose how often you want to wear the trays.

Is White for Life good for everyone?

In order to get a safe whitening, your teeth should be free of cavities and there’s a certain level of gum health required. The dentist will tell you when you’re ready for this program.

Are refills really free?

Yes! At each dental cleaning (up to two a year), you receive two whitening solution tubes at no cost. We offer this program because our philosophy of a Whole Health Smile. A Whole Health Smile focuses on routine cleanings and preventive exams. The White For Life program enhances your smile and helps you stay proactive with your oral care.

Laser Teeth Whitening

If wearing trays is not a good fit for you, or you need to achieve results faster, Laser Teeth Whitening services can be completed within 90 minutes. The treatment uses a combination of solution and light therapy to give you instant results. We do not offer this service in-office but have recommend Glo Getter Teeth Whitening located at 3242 S Woodruff, Ste 6 in Idaho Falls.