The front office staff and Dr. Tyson are amazing, kind, and understanding. My 13 month old had a dental emergency due to an accident right when most dental offices would be closing. Thankfully, Riverwest is open late certain days. They got us right in. Dr. Tyson isn’t a pediatric specialist (or at least, he doesn’t usually work on patients so young - understandably!) He was gentle with my baby and gave us an opinion on treatment and they tried calling around to help us find someone who could give us a final opinion the next day (the day before Thanksgiving). Thankfully we did find someone the next day, and my baby ultimately lost her tooth. But Dr. Tyson’s prognosis was accurate and the whole experience was handled so well by Riverwest and the other office that helped us out. Thank you, thank you guys so much!!!


Alicia Humphreys

Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric dentistry is an important part of a child’s routine health regime. Early education about the mouth, teeth, proper brushing and flossing habits will protect your child from tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. 

Your children will feel safe and comfortable in our practice. We understand each of our patients are at various age groups and backgrounds and have different needs.

We strive to make every trip to the dentist fun, educational, and anxiety free for both child and parent or guardian. Children will feel happy and comfortable in our office.

During a pediatric appointment you can expect all kinds of jokes, smiles and provisions to make sure your kid feels great about the experience. As we complete the treatment, we’ll make the education about proper brushing engaging. Parents or guardians will also be counseled on ways to improve the brushing habits of their kids. 

Pediatric Amenities Include: 

  • Coloring table in the lobby
  • Video game and toy room
  • Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime in every room
  • After appointment awards
  • Sedation options for kids above 13 years of age

For kids under the age of 13 we offer Hospital Sedation. This service is recommended to young kids who have developed a phobia around dental care, have an extreme gag reflex or simply require more work than young kids are able to sit through.

Get A Movie Ticket For Good Brushing!! 

A few minutes of brushing will save you hours of time and money at the dental office!

However; we know that brushing our teeth isn’t the most fun activity. You can encourage your child’s consistent brushing by downloading and having them color the RiverWest Kids Brush Chart! Once completed, return the chart to us and receive a Royal Theater Movie Ticket!