Hospital Dentistry


We have partnered with Mountain View Hospital to allow patients with high anxiety, or medical disabilities to receive the full array of dental care they require. Younger candidates can be anywhere from the ages of 3 and up that have an extreme gag reflex, fear of the dentist or require to stay still for treatments longer than young kids can handle.

Hospital Sedation Services help patients who require a lot of dental work to get it all done in a single treatment session. Full sedation in the hospital allows you to sleep during the treatment, saving you both time and anxiety. 

Feeling anxious about receiving dental care should never prevent you from having a Whole Health Smile. Those with dental phobia can have any routine or intense dental treatment be completed in a sedated hospital setting. 


Shared Billing

Hospital Sedation treatments are a partnership between RiverWest Dental and Mountain View Hospital. Coverage for this treatment option will be required from our clinic before the treatment and then from the anesthesiologists and treatments services of the hospital after treatment.