Digital Dentures

Digital Dentures are the new solution to restore the permanent loss of teeth and the full use of your mouth. Our Digital Dentures are the results of technological advancements in 3D scanning, 3D Printing and reducing placement timing to give our patients solutions and convenience they deserve when providing solutions to oral problems.

Our Digital Denture service is a breakthrough technology in speed, accuracy and extreme comfortability for denture placement. 

 The problem with most dentures is the endless back and forth for molding, fitting, placement and the need to re-do the entire piece each time a replacement is required. With Digital Dentures, we can use the exact schematic of your old dentures, keep what you like and accurately re-fit the problem areas. 

 Digital dentures converge at the intersection of science and art. The old process of placing traditional dentures required a lot of steps such as the following:


  1. Consultation: The first step is to visit a dentist or a prosthodontist (a specialist in tooth replacements). During the consultation, the dentist will assess your oral health and discuss your treatment options. They will also take impressions, or molds, of your mouth to use as a guide for creating the dentures.


  1. Design: Using the impressions of your mouth, the dentist will design the dentures to fit your mouth comfortably and to match the shape and color of your natural teeth.


  1. Try-in: Before the dentures are finalized, the patient is given a set of try-in dentures to test for fit and comfort. The patient can make any necessary adjustments at this stage.


  1. Final fitting: Once the try-in dentures are satisfactory, the final dentures are made. The patient returns to the dentist to have the final dentures fitted and adjusted.


  1. Aftercare: It is normal to experience some discomfort and difficulty speaking and eating with new dentures. The dentist will provide instructions on how to care for the dentures and how to adjust to wearing them. It is important to follow these instructions and to visit the dentist for regular follow-up appointments to ensure that the dentures fit properly.


With Digital Dentures the steps are:


  1. Consultation: Much like traditional dentures, there is still a requirement for reviewing the situation of your oral health and reviewing your needs with the dentures. However, unlike traditional dentures, instead of impressions, we’ll scan your mouth using new 3D CADM scanning technology for hyper precision in the creation of your new dentures.


  1. Placement: The design of your denture will no longer require dental or laboratory craftsmanship. Instead of the design needing to be crafted by a dentist or assistant which may lead to tiny errors in the creation process, our 3D printing [is it milling] process will speed up the time and make near a near perfect denture based on the scans. 


  1. Aftercare: We’ll give you instructions on how to maintain your new digital dentures and provide you with continual assistance for their longevity and use. 


The cost of our Digital Dentures vary depending upon your needs. However, this new process does not increase the price of the dentures in spite of reduced time and quality improvements. 

 The benefits of Digital Dentures include: 

  • Improved fitting for a more natural feel and use
  • Huge reduction in the design, creation and fitting process
  • Saved digital records of your denture that can be used for quicker adjustments or replacements
  • Stronger resin material used in their build guarantees a longer period of use. Typically over 10 years of use. 
  • Reduction in costs compared to traditional dentures.  
  • Using your old dentures to keep exactly what you like and adjust any uncomfortable zones. 

Take your smile and life to a new level of ease with our Digital Denture process. Schedule your free consultation today!