Dr. Reid and his team are excellent. Dr. Reid always shoot me straight. They have seen us at the very last minute as well. His team is so caring and personable. I love that they have two locations the other one being over off of Channing at Foothills across from Dixie's.


Jeff Teskey

Clear Braces

The perfect smile done in the most perfect way

Improve your smile easily and discreetly. No wires, no metal brackets on the teeth and no worrying if food is stuck in between all that hardware! Using the latest advancements in fabrication technology, we’ve developed our inhouse Smile Design program, that can do what Invisalign does at greatly reduced cost. 

Be as comfortable and smiley as you’d like during the entire process!

The Smile Design Process goes as follows

First we’ll scan your teeth with our non-invasive intraoral camera. The camera will produce a perfect 3D virtual image of your mouth which will be used as a baseline for what your goals are for your smile. We discuss the aspects of facial aesthetics and consider your personal lifestyle for a truly custom treatment plan. Gone are the days with goopy, hair raising impressions.

Then we’ll use your virtual mouth to architect a series of clear braces that align with your smile goals. Smile Design is a treatment designed around you. We take into consideration your mouth sensitivity, bite correction and cosmetic desires when creating your Smile Design clear braces. Once the customization of your clear braces are produced, you’ll be able to straighten out your smile and get the cosmetic upgrade you deserve without the discomfort of usual braces. 

Smile Design braces are thin, plastic-like coverings that go over the rows of your teeth. We call these coverings the “aligners”. Aligners gently move teeth one tiny millimeter at a time until the teeth are straightened. You can expect to wear one set of aligners for 2-3 weeks until the teeth have moved enough to require your other set.


The Smile Design Advantage

  • Custom correction plan based off your needs and goals
  • No one will know you’re wearing braces
  • Cleaning takes only a minute a day
  • Less visits to the clinic for adjustments
  • Less costly than regular wire braces
  • Cost less than other clear brace brands such as Invisalign
  • Removeable for special occasions
  • Virtually invisible to others


You can download our Smile Design instructions below.