Healthy Smiles for Employers

Healthy Smiles for Employers

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Healthy Smiles for business allows you to provide one of the most sought after requirements for job seekers. Dental benefits. In fact, a recent survey showed that 87% of employers offer some type of dental insurance because employees really want them. Dental insurance is the most sought benefit right after health insurance.

And yet, many employers who want to offer dental insurance, forgo offering this benefit because of its cost and restrictions. 

For an individual without employer coverage for dental they really only have two options. They purchase a private and often a costly dental plan for themself, or they pay straight cash and sometimes that’s in the form of high interest credit card charges or taking on some type of debt with buy-now-pay-later programs. 

Healthy Smiles is our solution to this ever growing problem. We’ve created the Netflix for dentistry. A low-cost monthly subscription to dental care where you receive the exact dental care you know and love but with access to unlimited service options such as cosmetic, emergency and orthodontic treatments. 

Healthy Smiles and insurance is like comparing Apples to Oranges. 



Cost of insurance can be expensive especially when buying multiple policies because your small business can’t negotiate better pricing due to a small employee base. 

Healthy Smiles is low cost and the same cost for small, medium or large companies. 

Limited Coverage

Insurance policies often have exclusions. Some treatments may not be covered by certain policies, such as cosmetic or orthodontic treatment.

Clinics who accept Healthy Smiles don’t cap its use and you can utilize the subscription service to help pay for all treatment types such as cosmetic or ortho. 


Insurance is confusing. Different types of policies, terms, co-pays, limitations and billing practices make coverage via insurance quite the nuisance.

Healthy Smiles is simple. Employees sign-up for a plan after an initial exam. A recurring payment method is set up and as long as the monthly subscription dues are being paid; they get the routine care that’s expected while also getting discounts and coverage for any type of treatment they may want.


Say goodbye to open enrollment times, learning complex jargon, sending out 50 reminder emails for new employees to sign up or hefty contract periods with large insurance companies. 

Healthy Smiles is like the toggle bar on any smartphone application. You subscribe the employee, pay the monthly due and when that employee leaves, you toggle off their subscription. We’re still working on the toggle bar option but an email will do the trick. 

Apples to Oranges. 

Without regular dental care, the cost of maintaining an employee goes up. 

A report from the Surgeon General report showed that employed adults lose more than 164 million hours of work each year due to dental disease or dental visits. Without insurance, it’s hard for most employees to spend $250 or more – a year – of their own cash on routine care to prevent more harmful and costly treatments. 

Missed hours of work results in a loss of productivity and additional stress to the workplace to allocate others for coverage.

Healthy Smiles is your low-cost and simple solution to providing your employees something they really really want; and need. 

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